Underground Utility

Our managers and field professionals are highly experienced at installing a wide range of underground utility systems. For decades, our workforce has delivered numerous underground utility projects for major gas, electric, and steam utility companies, as well as academic, commercial and medical campus clients. We have experience within densely populated urban areas, live energy plants, active campus environments, and occupied commercial areas.

Scope of Work Includes

  • Short / Long Range Trenching
  • Concrete Encased Duct Bank
  • Manholes; Vaults
  • Below Grade Structures
  • Water / Sewer line
  • Deep Sheeting / Shoring
  • Dewatering
  • Steam, Condensate, and Chilled Water Systems
  • Pre-engineering Energy Piping Systems
  • Cathodic Protection Systems
  • Paving and Surface Restoration
  • Test Pitting & Exploratory Work
  • Tree and Root Protection
  • Environmental and Traffic Control

Utica Ductbank Route 5S

United Civil is the prime contractor on this electrical ductbank and manhole installation/rebuild project for National Grid in Utica, New York; part of Utica’s major safety improvement project to reshape transportation in the downtown area. Currently working on Phase 1 of the project, scope of ...

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Utica Ductbank Route 5S

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