Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant


This project at Seabrook Nuclear Generating Station, a 1,244-megawatt, top rated, generating plant located on the seacoast of southern New Hampshire, is a part of the Granite State Reliability Project (GSRP).

GSRP required upgrading the Seabrook 345kV switchyard; including replacing circuit breakers, gas insulated bus (GIB), relay protection systems, and necessary enhancements to the Air Termination Yard. Our primary scope includes the civil work, 33 cast-in-place foundations, and the structural steel supports, for a new 369kV horizontal (GIB) gas insulated bus line running alongside an existing “live” 345kV (GIB) line. The elevated lines are approximately 650 feet long between an existing bridge over North Road and a substation yard.

Our specifically trained crews are working in a high-risk environment per very stringent safety procedures, and amongst the presence of vigilant security personnel.

  • Location

    Seabrook, NH