Hopkinton STA 126 Ductbank Installation

United Civil is currently completing this work to install new manholes and conduit in Hopkinton, MA. Our scope includes – Installation of (27) 6’ x 10’ x 8’ manholes, and approximately 30 lf of 12-6” PVC conduits, 12,015 lf of 9-6” PVC conduits, 700 lf of 6-5” PVC conduits, 240 lf of 4-5” PVC conduits, and 210 lf of 2-5” PVC conduits, all type EB in concrete. In addition, we are responsible for all safety procedures, traffic control, manhole breaks, and finished bell mouths for both new and existing manhole breaks, manhole cleanup and roping of all new conduits.

  • Location

    Hopkinton, MA