West Medway Meter Station & Lateral Piping

United Civil is the civil, concrete and mechanical support contractor for this new meter station and pipeline in Medway, MA.

Pipeline work includes excavation, install and backfill of 880 lf of inlet piping and 2,150 lf of lateral piping. It also involves the removal of trench rock and bituminous concrete, restoration/installation of fence, and support of pipeline welders in various tasks. Meter station work includes all cast-in-place foundations within the meter station fence, installation of sono tube pipe support, excavation and backfill of all foundations and below grade utilities, critical lifts of control houses and equipment, site prep and restoration, and installation of meter station fence. This project work takes place in wetlands, in close proximity to a live gas valve station and critical infrastructure of a gas generation plant.

  • Location

    Medway, MA