First Church of Christ Structural Investigation

This project involved interior and exterior test pits where we exposed the existing timber pile foundations for inspection, sampling, instrumenting and testing of the soils. Dating back to the 19th century, this ornate piece of history is a major landmark in the city. Protecting the existing structure and the tremendous amount of daily visitor traffic was paramount. Accessing the four interior pits in confined space was especially challenging, as concrete, steel columns, timber shoring and tools were all brought to each location through small access windows or ventilation shafts. Clearance in the oldest part of the church was only 3’ high, thus interior holes were hand excavated, each hole approximately 10’x10’, and all between 8-10’ in depth. Numerous measures were taken so that this work caused no disruption to the church and their activities, and all areas were protected from dust, soil, debris and damage.

  • Location

    Boston, MA